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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The BEST mascara

I am a mascara girl, I couldn't live without my mascara.
I love super black, thick, and long lashes but sometimes I don't have the time in the morning to do several coats....that's why I LOVE "Smokey Lash" by Make Up For Ever.
This mascara is very black and covers really well. Also, keeps my eyelashes curly and doesn't weight them down ( I have straight lashes)
The brush is very easy to use and separates the lashes pretty well.
I use the waterproof formula because I have oily skin and I need the long lasting hold that this mascara offers without flaking. I've tried many waterproof mascaras and most of them gave up at the end of the day and literary melted into my eye (painful!) which was a huge problem while I was driving home after a long day of work. With Smokey Lash I haven't had this problem at all and I've been using it for a few months now.
The only negative is that it dries a little bit fast so I don't use it on my makeup kit because by the time I put a little bit of product in my pallet and apply it with a disposable wand or fan brush I can already see that it's drying and it doesn't go as smooth as I would like.

for my kit I LOVE "voluminous" by Loreal
It's very black, long lasting, and it doesn't dry as fast which gives me time to apply it with a brush fan (my favorite) and it goes on smooth but not runny.

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