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Thursday, March 24, 2011

FORTUNE Magazine

Today I remember that at the end of last year I did the makeup for Dr. Gingras' photoshoot for Fortune Magazine!
She is the founder and CEO of HUYA Bioscience, a pharmaceutical company that its working really hard in developing the cure against cancer among other things. She is a very smart lady!

With the caos of 2010's last months I completelly forgot to check for the magazine...I found the online article today but if any of you have a hard copy of the magazine I would love to have it (November 2010 issue).

I'm grateful for the experience to work with the magazine and I'm super excited to have a tearsheet from one of the Nation's largest Business Magazines!

You can read the article here

FUN shoot

What a fun day.....I know I'm always saying that but I really enjoy my job and what I do. I remember when I was little my mom always said "Do something that you love doing and feel passionate about, you'll be miserable if you don't love what you are and do"..... it took me a little while to find my calling in life but now that I found it I couldn't be happier.

I always enjoy working with Priscilla Gragg, she is a talented photographer in San Diego and always has a smile on her face. We did a quick shoot with former Miss California, Stephanie.
I love how the pictures turned out.... very fresh and colorful, they make me feel so happy.

Priscilla also photographs weddings and families.... if you are thinking of having your family pictures taken you can check her work here.
She is amazing! She did our family pictures on 2010 and they are our favorites to date.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes- Genlux Editorial

I really can't wait for the final product.
I love working with a full team of creative people and I feel so honor to get to play with them.
Yesterday I was part of this amazing editorial....these are only pictures from my IPhone so you can only imagine how they are going to turn out!

I used Flash colors from Make Up For Ever to create the perfect orange lipstick(later I used Hot Pink by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to change the lips to a magenta color) and spiked eyebrow pencil from MAC to define her eyebrows.
I LOVE these two pieces from Alexaner McQueen the jacket and the dress are breathtaking.

I love working with this team, they always surprise me. Martin Kurnet has the inovating and creative ideas. Quela has an amazing eye for fashion and gets the most amazing pieces.
Photographer: Martin Kurnet
Fashion Stylist: Quela Rene
Model: Laine Jennings (clear example of how a model should move- such a pleasure to work with, she was a sweetheart and a trooper)
Hais Stylist: Muriel from Point de Vue Salon
Makeup Artist: KC Witkamp

we also had a full team of videographers taking behind the scenes footage that will be available on the magazine's website.
(Stephen, founder of Genlux Magazine, selecting pictures)

A day at the Beach

I love going to the beach but lately it seems that I only go there when I'm working.
I love how this images turned out.... the transformation is amazing....she looks HOT.

One of my favorite photographers: Khoa Bui
Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp
Wardrobe: Alyssa Chrencik
Model: Elizabeth

Fashion 5.0 Magazine

today I got these tears!
I was so happy to work with Dominique, the beautiful model, I worked with her about a year ago in a music video featuring All American Rejects. I had so much fun with her and the rest of the team.
You can pick up a copy of the magazine all over San Diego, Its free!

Behind the scenes/ IPhone pictures

Beaty Shoot for Jewelry Designer/ Behind the Scenes

I wished I had a before and after picture of this amazing model. The transformation was amazing.
Is soon as I saw the jewelry pieces I felt so inspired and that's how I came up with this look.
These are pictures taken with my IPhone..... just a little teaser.

Photographer: Chris Steinbach
Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp

Her skin and eyes are amazing so that's where I kept my focus.
I used mostly cream products to create the look: painterly and groundwork mixed with quite natural MAC paint pots, aqua eyes white pencil by Make Up For Ever, voluminus mascara in black. Face and Body foundation by Make Up For Ever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bunkerhill MAgazine April Issue

Surprise! I got these images this morning.
Just yesterday I shared with you the behind the scenes and with the photographer's permision I can share with you the selected images for the magazine!!!

Photographer Chris Steinbach
Wardrobe Stylist Shere Nichole
Model: Lauren JAmes
Hair and MAkeup: KC Witkamp

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meg's Engagement Session

I love this couple!
since the moment she sit down on my chair we couldn't stop talking and laughing. Next month is their big day... congratulations! see you soon
Hair and makeup for her and grooming for him!

special thanks to Anha Nguyen for helping us crash for a couple of hrs in her studio

Editorial for Bunkerhill Magazine

Just a little teaser of behind the scenes.
I love love doing editorials, they are always so much fun. After spending the whole day with creative people I feel even more inspired.

If you knew of all the adventures we had to go through to get those beautiful's all worth it!

Andrea & Eric Engagement Pictures

I love working with brides to be. Andrea & Eric had their engagement session in the Joshua Tree State Park.
I meet with them earlier to do her hair and makeup. They are so cute together.
I can't wait to see them on their wedding day in a few months.
Photography by Stephanie Williams

studio shoot???

Don't you love a short commute? I know I do
from upstairs to dining room became the makeup and wardrobe station and the garage became a Studio for a day! - well actually two days
I guess I'm taking away a little bit of the glam of the fashion industry BUT what matters are the results, right?
Plus I was so happy I didn't have to wake up early to get to the location, specially because the night before I had just flew back from a job in San Francisco.

Behind the Scenes

Phototgrapher: Andrew Reilly
Model: Chantelle from No Ties
Wardrobe: KellyWilcox
Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp